Sunday, June 21, 2009


Unfortunately, when I uploaded my UT environment onto FileFront, a portion of the "title" has been erased. I am not sure why that happened or how to fix it, but the best i could do is inform you.



The part in the red is what got erased.
Please be aware of that, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.




EXP3: Google 3D Warehouse

For the Google 3D Warehouse model of my project, please follow the link bellow.
Alternatively, go to and search "dmitri". The second model should be mine.


Motives Behind EXP3:

Most of the ideas and inspiration came from the Mash-Up that I've composed and the media. In my opinion, both of these clients are remarkable people that have achieved many things in their life in their own ways, and hence earned the authority of "POWER"

Starting off in youth, dealing with death, bad habits and racism, has come far to what he is now -the president of the USA. I wanted to create a space of light, view, fluent direction and clarity, as well as taking a journey through the stages of B.Obama's life. Going through each and one of these obstacles of life has led B.Obama to the ultimate area - his presidential office, along with a a shiny bridge.

Although highly successful and also very powerful have been at the top for a while. So far at the top that it felt like she was on "another planet". But eventually, as she gets older, her talent decreases, she embarks scandals, and slowly losing her edge. Spiraling down slowly down the platforms until she reaches the bottom - the scandal that was discussed in the Mash-up (hence the baby pram).

Meeting Space:
Depicted as the place "you rather not be". Defined as darkness, confusion, dreary and lonely. Horrid seats and tables, black ceiling, lack of light, confusing pipes. The place where we see B.Obama leaving it, and Madonna slowly entering it. Until Madonna slowly crawls out from the bridge (you must crouch when playing the map).

[FINAL] Madonna Summary

[FINAL] Madonna

Distance view of Madonna's Place. A Saturn-like planet spinning, and exploding its rings down towards the ground. The idea Madonna's life spiraling down slowly (age, mistakes, talent).

Interior of Madonna's place. A discotech scene of disco balls and flashy colours. The time Madonna was on top, with a party-animal attitude.

The spiralling process of Madonna's life. Spinning slowly and moving down minimally. The pipes on the sides of the platforms indicating a sense of protection of her power. Even though we only people, and make plenty of mistakes, due to Madonna's power, her reputation is maintained. Though the pipes are slightly tilted, directing her to one destination.